I look at the last month and I feel myself cringe just a little.  It’s finally September.  We reach the cooling down portion of the year, in more ways than one.  We got back from Vancouver yesterday, and I am now a light yellow belt in capoeira.  I was able to play a game that lasted roughly fifteen seconds before they stopped me to receive it.  I still have pain when walking but I want to get back to working out this month at the very least.  Next month I have the goal of being able to go back to capoeira and work back up to three times a week.

We drove in last night and I went to bed with my mind whirling on things to accomplish and goals to aim for for the month.   And I need to stop!  Or at least slow down.  I’ve made progress with my paintings, I don’t doubt that.  But I fly through everything, and it’s becoming exhausting.  I’m trying to embrace the concept of slowing down and taking life a little slower.  I’m not going to enjoy the little things if I’m in such a hurry to finish them.  I was agonizing over what to get done tonight and almost forgot to remind myself that the evening is mine- I can take it as fast or as slow as I want.  I need to just enjoy it!

This picture is of everything I painted in August.  I have a goal to do more than this in September…and I haven’t even gotten started yet.

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