Hey! NYFW (New York Fashion Week for those not in the know) started hitting my Instagram account Thursday. I watched in envy as all the personal style bloggers I have come to follow faithfully donned their best and headed out to converge on the Big Apple. I’ve been taking screenshot after screenshot on my phone of things I want to illustrate, but when it gets down to it, I have just over two weeks left to get this 2014 calendar off to the presses! Last week felt like a bit of a breather. I got a haircut, took a few days off of working out, and generally had a chance to relax for a while. Cue Sunday evening when I stared at the calendar in our kitchen in a minor state of panic and began making mental checklists in my head. I realize it’s only Tuesday, but I have managed to log about six hours of sketching and painting in the last two days in addition to my regular full time job and regular workouts. So my heartfelt apologies at not having any new sketches to share for the blog – between commissions and calendar girls everything I’m working on is currently under wraps!

Here is a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on this week so far – I will try to have something new up for the end of the week!


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