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    Well hello and happy September first!  Feels a little surreal, doesn’t it?  Like it’s been summer in Calgary since early May anyways.  We’ve been spoiled.  Here’s to kicking off Fashion Week in all major cities around the globe – which is what these two ladies were meant as an ode to.  They’re fashion bloggers, decked out in the season’s finest and saying hello on some red carpet or another.  The background was inspired by Izak Zenou.  His stuff blows me away.  I think what I like so much about it is that although the focus is on fashion, he brings elements of lifestyle into it.  It’s not just a girl in Chanel, she’s sitting in front of a quaint little cafe with all these people looking at her.  He’s not just selling sunglasses, he’s showcasing all these fantastic people in the airport – a nod to the sexiness of travel.  You know?

    September for me means a few things.  My capoeira batizado is always spread over Labour Day weekend, signifying a slight decrease in the insanity of our training schedule.  It also means time for me to start seriously considering what I’ll make into a 2016 calendar.  I’ve gone back and forth in so many ways – one last year of fashion illustrations, in combination with a second calendar with an architectural focus?  What I would like to do is take a cue from the fabulous Mr. Zenou and bring both elements together.  They don’t have to be fashion illustrations – how about just people illustrations?  Living life and doing things that make it real.  Drinking coffee in the kitchen.  Meeting girlfriends in bookstores for Starbucks.  Sitting on the floor in front of the bed to play with the cats.  Just me?  Hmm.

    Well, happy September.  Time to slow down, watch the season change and reflect on all that has passed and all that is coming.

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