Yay!  September 1st!  I should not be so excited for the end of summer and yet we’re heading into my favourite time of the year.  The leaves are going to start changing, you can wear sweaters because they’re stylish and not because you need them, and best of all, I can justify coffee in the middle of the day again!  oh boy.

I am writing this post in advance because the day it actually goes up I will be on a stage in Vancouver, most likely getting my butt handed to me in exchange for my next belt in capoeira – something that I have been working SO hard for ever since my knee injury healed up well enough to train last year.  Lots of tears and sweat and nights at gymnastics to earn this next colour of belt, whatever it may be.

When we get home I have promised myself things are going to quiet down.  I can finally dig into getting the 2014 calendar painted – with the lofty goal of having it ready to print before the end of September – reasons for that soon to come!

I hope you are all enjoying the labour day weekend to it’s fullest, barbecuing on back decks, drinking beers with friends and soaking up those last rays of summer sunshine – because fall’s a comin’ and I have no doubt she will be beautiful!


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