Seeing spots in more ways than one I might add.  I loved this model, she does all the brave fashionista things that I want to do but I am slightly too safe to try.  Like buy a leopard print blazer.  I have a leopard print scarf and I love it.  But a blazer?  Yeowza.  Add that to mixing with the striped shirt and the bold denim, and like…dang.

The other spots I’m seeing are like tired spots.  As in my vision is starting to cross and sometimes do that starry out of focus thing.  I’m starting to slip a little.  Or have more human days, one of the two.  Today was a full work day, followed by a three hour Portuguese class.  I was going to hit the gym after that, and then come home to paint….but I was cold and tired and so opted out of the gym to come straight home to paint and crawl into bed.  I’m headed there after this.  I hope the week is treating everyone wonderfully, we are officially…not quite half way to the weekend.  Ahem.

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