Has anyone heard of Run Style Run?  As per usual I was perusing Pinterest and decided to follow the link through for once to see where my model of choice had been sourced from.  I found her style pretty cute and thought it additionally charming that 1) she’s also a runner and 2) she’s been to Brazil, hence the expression of ‘Beijos!’ (kisses!) in Portuguese at the end of each blog post.

This is the first finished attempt I’ve done with my new book that came from Amazon at the end of last week, Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique by Anna Kiper.  If you are ever interested in getting into fashion illustration, this book is an absolute goldmine.  She’s very thorough in breaking down the body into different curves and expressions, and I’m still puzzling my way through.  I’m trying to convey more movement in my models, instead of constantly creating them straight up and down.  It’s pretty subtle with Brandi here, you can only really see a difference in the height of her shoulders. That and the fact that her legs are hella longer than most of my other girls…I’m trying to adopt the nine head proportion most commonly used for fashion illustration as opposed to my usual seven.

In any event, hope the week is treating everyone well!

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