Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  My husband and I spent Sunday afternoon down at the Lilac Festival on 4th Street in Calgary.  Weather permitting I would have loved to entertain the idea of having worn something like this.   When these one piece rompers first started popping up in the stores last year I had to just shake my head…but now I think they’re kinda cute!  I do wonder how they hold up on a girl with a longer body frame, as so far I think I’ve only seen them on really teensy little bombshells.  I wish my hair looked like that on the regular too.  Alas, I have yet to master the untamed curl.  SJP would only shake her head at me in disdain.

Did anyone make it down to the Lilac fest in Calgary?  Our respective capoeira groups were down there tearing up the streets and showing off our crazy kicks and acrobatics.  I’ve been promised a video link that I can post later this week on an entirely un-rendering related note!

Happy Monday to you all, I hope this provides a bright start to your work week!

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