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    Oooh hai.

    Just wanted to pop on and put up a few new pieces.  I had a co-worker commission me back in February for an anniversary gift for her husband.  She provided me the photos, requested the size of the paintings and gave me a nice wide time frame to complete them.  And here they are!  Her husband is from Israel, somewhere outside of Tel Aviv.  I’ll only be showcasing my ignorance to pretend to know any more.




    I think I fall so frequently off of the blogging wagon because at the end of the day, I don’t have much to actually say.  This is just a place to showcase my work.  Everything I do now is through trial and error.  I am getting stronger at observing other artists work and seeing how I can implement it into my own.  And every piece I do is a learning curve in itself.  For example, with both of these pieces it was never my intention to leave so many brush strokes in the skies.  They just started settling into the paper that way, an indication I need to work more on my wet in wet approach.  But I think they came out okay.



    For any other artist reading this – please let me assure you that with absolutely every single piece I create I cycle through the cliches –

    This is fun!  This is hard!  This is shit!  I am shit!  This might not be so bad!  This might be the best piece I’ve done so far!  And on it goes.

    All I can do is keep picking up the brush, the pencil or the damn micron pen and keep going.

    Check me out over here on Instagram – @designbystlight if you really want to keep up with my work.  I’m usually on there at least once a week with some form of artistic shenanigans or another.


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