aah Thursday night. In my quest to jump back into fitness following our month long vacation I have done the unthinkable and messed up my shoulder. Seriously, all that stuff we laugh off about getting older? It’s bullsh*t, but honestly, my shoulder, last summer my knee, sometimes my back. Oi. So instead of my usual hot and sweaty yoga class which I love to round out my Thursday, I spent the evening in, lazing on Pinterest, perusing my husband’s facebook (for. shame.) and…colouring this. Yup. Quiet and lazy evening indeed.

Weekend plans? This is my short weekend – only two days. I get every second Monday off of work which is lovely, but it makes the two day weekends seem so short now in comparison! In any event – happy weekend to all, however long or short it may be.

Oh! Still no scanner. Sorry. I’ll…make Frank figure it out this weekend.


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