Okay, just one puppy!  No real backstory on this one…just thought she was cute, and then the next thing I knew I saw the cutest l’il pup to color in too!

How was the weekend for everyone?  I received a new book Friday courtesy of amazon and spent the weekend experimenting with new techniques.  This lovely lady was actually from last week, so I don’t yet have anything finished to show for all the sketching I was doing over the weekend.  The new book is to place more emphasis on movement in the body.  I didn’t think anything of it, but now that I look over my girls of late they’re all pretty straight up and down.  I’ll be trying to get a bit more of a swing into those hips from here on out, though it may be subtle until my confidence grows a bit.

Beyond that I had a two lovely days at home, and now I’m nearly rested and revved for the week ahead.

Happy Monday!  PS how was the Superbowl?  We totally missed.  I’m going to try to find a recap of Beyonce strutting it somewhere online.

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