I am so excited to share this post – I’ve been keeping it hush hush for a while now.

Earlier this summer, after painting Carly of the College Prepster, I had no idea I had caught the eye of the man behind Proper Kid Problems – true American class at it’s finest.  I have been working one on one with the owner behind the brand and brainstorming the perfect header for his website.  PKP was absolutely fabulous to work with and set the bar rather high for me in terms of working with a dream client.  We had some fantastic back and forth brainstorming sessions, and he was always on the ball providing images with the vision of what he had in mind.  The collaboration was something I am quite proud of, and I hope he’s as pleased with the final results of his new header as I am.  This was attention to detail at it’s finest and nothing was missed.  We discussed the type of sunglasses each character would wear, the pose, the stitching on her dress and the embroidered PKP monogram on his slippers and her sunhat.  Nothing was left out, and I could not take more pride in the final product.

As a part of our collaboration together, we agreed to a promotion of my 2014 Calendar on his blog – read the full post here!  From there, you’ll want to hurry over to my online store to take advantage of the promotion we’ve created – 20% off all items in the online store using the code PKP at checkout.  It’s on until the 12th of December at midnight, but to ensure any gifts reach their intended recipients on time, get your orders in before December 10th!

PKP, thank you SO much for the experience.  It was a privilege to work with you and I know the Proper Kid Problems brand is going to build itself into its own empire in a few short years.

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