Resolution #3: try more exciting hairstyles.  I have long hair and I love it.  I think the last time it was cut and dyed was last April – don’t judge.  I was all set to get it done late in the year and then I started noticing how ombre was becoming the next big thing.  You know what that amounts to on dirty blond hair with highlights growing out?  About the same thing.   Hah.  Honestly though, I really only take the time to style my hair a few times a week, and the rest of the time I just rock a messy knot of sorts.  I need to start mixing it up.

Part two of this post is her sweater – have you seen the ideas crawling all over Pinterest these days for repurposing clothing?  Genius.  I saw the suggestion the other day to put a shoulder slit in an old sweater and dress it up with ribbon.  Brilliant.  Simple.  In theory – I’m sure in reality the knit would start falling out of the sweater and you’d have a mess on hand, but Pinterest, you sure excite me at times.

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