I gave thought to sketching out something Halloween related, seeing as this past weekend seemed to be the official party for it and Wednesday is the day to hand out candy, but I started drawing something out twice only to erase it later.  So I figured it’s time to come clean.  I hate Halloween.  Okay, I don’t hate it, I just feel ambivalent about it.  Maybe it’s something to do with living in Canada, by the time the big day arrived growing up you had to throw a winter coat, hat and mitts on over your costume anyways…so who knew what you were dressing up as?  I was never really that adventurous with my costumes anyways, I always resorted to something along the lines of a baby, or a fairy – this usually was made up of a combination of one of my mother’s housecoats with wings made out of pantyhose and glitter on a wire hanger of sorts.  I feel the same trepidation when anyone utters the words “Costume Party” too.  I’m just not much for climbing out of my Steph-bubble apparently.


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