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    Pets are funny, aren’t they?  Inspite of the fact that beyond their pet sounds they really can’t say anything, there’s never any doubt in your mind that having a pet means having a solid companion who has your back pretty much every day and will love you unconditionally.  The first time I came to visit my would-be husband’s place, he had these two gawky looking teenager sized cats skulking around.  They really did skulk.  I found out later that growing out of kitten-hood in a house full of boys was a bit much for these two.  They were subject to games called cat-toss, cat-browser and general rowdiness because boys show affection to animals by playing rough.  Three years of gentle loving and sometimes ignoring later, and they are almost the affectionate little companions I want them to be.  They’re still not super into cuddling or being picked up, but if Frank is ever out of town I have two guaranteed stand-by bed companions, they are always waiting just outside the bedroom door every morning, and the little girl of the pair insists that I never go to the bathroom first thing in the morning by myself.  TMI?  Sorry.

    We recently had a friend have to put her cat down out of the blue, and my heart hurt for her just thinking about it.  These little companions become such an innate part of your every day life, tripping you on the stairs, eyeing up your food at every meal and making sure that pens and hair elastics never stay where you left them…but they also leave a big hole in your life when they’re not there.   I created this generic little cat to send some positive emotion her way…then felt the need to create a canine companion to that thought.


    They’re both available now in my online store as well in a set of ten – choose from a mix of five and five, or just ten of the animal you love the most.  Might add some new colours and breeds for the pups seeing how things go.

    Happy Monday all!  Tomorrow is my birthday.  The big 3-0.  Life right now is pretty wonderful in every aspect, so I don’t think it’ll be nearly the trauma that some may allow it to be.

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