Sorry!  I meant to do it Friday…but then we drove off to BC for the weekend where I was forced to go swimming in the neigbours pool, eat my mother-in-law’s fresh from their garden cooking , and then there was the day at the lake – just awful…

Okay I will give it to you straight.  We spent the weekend soaking up the sun in beautiful interior BC whilst being catered to by my mother in law with her home cooking.  And they really do have an amazing garden, right beside the house.  You’ll laugh (probably as hard as my mother in law did) but growing up in the city, I spent zero time on a farm.  It is so magical the way things grow!  Have you ever seen squash on the vine?  You know how the pumpkin turned into a coach in Cinderella?  Straight up. It was amazing.  They’re even growing quinoa out there, which is native to South America.  I’m so excited to see it.  And fresh beets!  As a child for some reason I was terrified of this absurdly purple food.  I learned this weekend I can not get enough of it.  Other fun fact about what I got up to this weekend?  I milked a goat.  Yes, a goat.

Okay, enough about the weekend.  Onto the next topic: Calendar Girls!  I have decided to go ahead and create a 2015 Calendar – but with a twist!  These random illustrations I’ve been creating the past two years, they’ll be a little different this year.  They’re going to be a bit more reflective of things I take value in and less of an attempt at the world of fashion.  I’ve just started on my sketches, hopefully she’ll be ready to roll out by October 1st!

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