Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

This is a very glamourized version of what I am feeling like this morning…and the shoes that I wish I could afford, hah!

We got home from Vancouver last night just after ten.  Now that the unpacking is done, the plants watered and the kitties sufficiently loved, I am ready to resume the regular workweek schedule.  I am looking forward to staying home this weekend to get caught up in the study!  I had time to pick up some new paper, brushes and pens while we were in Vancouver and I am looking forward to experimenting!  Vancouver is beautiful, and every time we go I find myself wishing we lived there, but then as soon I walked through the front door of our home, I just felt SO happy to be back here.  There was an absolute ton of inspiration out there though!  More than a few buildings itching to be sketched.  That could be next up for me.

Hope you are enjoying the week and the quiet aftermath of the Stampede.  Wish me luck in surviving the workday today 🙂

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