So I am only slightly behind the curve on this one.  Really I’m like a week and a half ahead of it if you think about it.  Fashion week.  Again.  Not just in September.  How to get a leg up on it this time I really don’t know.  Although I may have a Monday off that week, so perhaps I can watch a few live shows and render something fabulous, we will see.

I thought these two were perfect to announce the occasion.  Going off of how flashy their outfits are, they can only be attending a fashion show or be fashion bloggers themselves.  Head to toe zebra?  Really?  Although I totally dig those stilettos.  You would have to have an attitude to pull them off properly though.  Kudos.  Ku-dos.  Does Calgary even do anything fashion week-ish?  I’ve been meaning to join one of those meet up groups, I’m sure there’s tons going on in this city that I am completely oblivious to.  I should work on that.  Could I justify joining that though?  I blog about fashion in a very round about way is the only thing.  I’ve been asked a few times now if I design my own clothing.  So far the answer is no, but I wouldn’t hold to that forever.  I just like to draw it.  Because it’s fun.  Hmm.

Anyways!  Hope the week is treating everyone well.  I am recovering fantastically and enjoying the new temporary position immensely.


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