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    Happy Friday!  It’s kind of like black Friday seeing as it’s so close to thanksgiving.  This one is just…Canadian style.

    My in-laws are due in late this afternoon from BC for the weekend.  I have decided that as a responsible, married adult it was time that I tackled one other piece of official adult business in life…and this weekend I am cooking my first turkey.  For twelve people.  It started as simply ‘I’d like to try and cook a turkey’ but since I’ve been telling more people about it, especially at work, every single person has some sort of must-have secrets for the best turkey recipes EVER – and now I feel like it has to be legen – wait for it – dary!  PS- I love How I Met Your Mother.  I imagine I’ll be into a bottle of wine or two before the night is over, but on the whole I am feeling pretty excited about it.  Challenge accepted.  There I go again.

    How about the rest of you?  Plans for turkey day?  Tips? Tricks?  Happy weekend 🙂

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