I met Meagan on the first day of school of our second year together at SAIT for Architectural Technologies.  She was this cute little thing who caught my eye immediately and I knew I wanted to be her friend.  Meagan is that girl who is always fantastically put together and you feel the need to dress your best, even just to grab a quick coffee together.  She even admits to having a picture of Audrey Hepburn hanging in her closet to serve as inspiration.

She’s also been one of my greatest supporters and has offered me the most encouragement as I debated on getting this blog started and then continued to keep it running.  Imagine my chagrin when I started on her birthday portrait yesterday only to realize…her birthday was Friday!

Meagan, happy belated birthday, I truly hope it was absolutely fantastic for you!  For some reason it’s been in my head this whole time that your birthday was the 24th!  And trust me, I’ve been planning for a long time to paint you for your birthday too.


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