So how was the week for everyone else?

This fashionista was painted earlier this week, and I still can’t resolve my feelings about her shoes.  As I was painting her it occurred to me that she’s in a pretty cute outfit otherwise.  Why would she not wear a pair of cute heels with this?  But then the worst part….these ARE heels.  They have a hidden wedge inside.  What’s the deal with that anyway?  If I’m going to wear heels, I’m going to rock them, they are going to be on display.  For those who don’t venture into heeled territory often (PS I’m a master of three to five inches — no biggie) these seem like a terrible idea!  Your feet would be sore from the heel and no one would know why you were walking so funny in the first place.  I have a master plan to one day engineer a reverse wedge.  Wait for it.

I painted a lot this week. The other half of my life (not my full time job) is a martial art I got into about eight years ago called capoeira.  I had an accident earlier this week while training.  I dislocated my knee from it’s socket while doing a circular kick in a hotter than normal studio…and so I haven’t been able to work, or spend anytime working out, which I pride myself on doing six days a week without fail.  They say things happen for a reason, and so I am hoping that there’s something fantastic to come of that fact that I can’t walk…and most likely won’t get the belt that I’ve been working towards for a year…

One other fun side note – I attended the graduate presentation for a former schoolmate today who just got her Arts degree in Interior Design.  We applied to that program together and I didn’t get in.  She’s finally wrapping up school tonight to start on what will no doubt be an extremely rewarding career path, and I am absolutely thrilled for her.  But in not going to school for three more years, I started doing this.  So there.  Maybe things really just do happen for a reason.

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