Suuuuuch a slacker, I am so sorry!  The last two weeks have been nothing short of insane.  We had our bathroom reno going on, I was primary caregiver for my parents dog Wilson and cat Kirby, there was a lot of driving back and forth across Calgary to shower at my parents house and my own nest was in complete shambles.  I love that word – totally learned it from my mom’s ancient Nancy Drew’s.

In any event.  The bathroom is done, save for artwork.  The towel bars were finally hung Sunday evening thanks in large part to coaching and help from my brother in law.  Frank went snowboarding for the weekend in Whitefish, Montana and thanks to the storm did not make it home last night as planned.  Oh boy.

This week I will endeavor to post photos of my new favorite room in the house and maybe one of two of those sketches I’ve been known to do.  For now, this is March!  So pretty – and based off a photo of Vanessa Hudgens from way back.  I have also chosen to dedicate this month to mastering faces, so expect to see a lot of portraiture style renders in the next four weeks.  If I’m going to do personal commissions, they need to look like the subject just a little, right?

Happy Monday!

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