I was still preoccupied with the idea that I didn’t have anything new scanned to post and I almost forgot it’s a new calendar month!  This sketch was born of a myriad of things.  A cute image of a girl in a toque, an impossibly skinny model in slightly ridiculous but cute boots, and the booths in my kitchen downstairs.  That is what they look like.  I want to recover them soon actually, with something a little more lively for material.

So we are officially into the third month of the year!  Not that the weather is any indication right now that we’re moving closer to spring, I think Calgary will be setting records this weekend with our temperatures.  But for right now, the sun is out, and I am warm and cozy inside and content to dream of warmer (and longer!) days.

Happy Saturday, Happy March 1st, happy life!

Have a wonderful day!

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