we’ve all had days where we felt like this, right?

Somehow I found this little tyke in my instagram feed.  Yes, I have become one of those crazy women who save photos of other people’s kids because they are adorable.  There was some comment in the feed about how he was facing the school day and it was his personal hell.  I thought it was cute.  He’s standing so strong and clutching his little frog backpack and gearing himself up to face the world.  I’m sure all he wants to do is go home and eat some cheerios and hang out with his mom and play with his cars.  We’ve all been there.

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been staying on top of my artwork.  I know, this is a common enough refrain here.  I give it every few weeks or so.  I have been given the pass to start taking overtime at work.  For some reason my brain is still wired to snatch it where I can to save up the time for later on adventures – and don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty.  But I am pooped!  I’ve brought work home and gone back to the office to finish other things the last three days out of five.

I’ve also been training capoeira like crazy which is going awesome but then missed my scheduled workout tonight, which made me feel SO guilty.  I totally compensated by soothing my raw unworked muscles with a stash of Smarties I was trying to forget about in our freezer.  Emergency chocolate, what?

In any event.  I’m sure I will find my divine balance eventually.  Right this second though?  I’m going to see if I can beat the clock and make it to bed before…ten.

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