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    new-denim-divaRihanna?  Anybody?  I’ll driiiiink to that, ya-ay yaaaa.  Ahem.

    Does anyone else find it’s the week following a long weekend that just kills you?  I’m lucky enough in my full time job to get an extra Monday off every two weeks and I have to be honest, the five day weeks I can plow through, knowing the long weekend for me is coming up — then it’s the following four day week that near brings me to my knees.  Take last night for instance.  I should have been hopping out to capoeira considering we cancelled our classes Monday because of Rememberance Day.  Flash back to 7PM last night where I was crashed out completely on the couch for an hour and a half.  That’ll kill an evening of productivity, let me tell you.  I didn’t even manage a workout.   I did manage to send some emails and drag my sorry self off to bed…thereby struggling to wake up again this morning.  Maybe it’s the time change?  In any event.

    One of the first posts I EVER did for this blog I called my denim diva.  I was so proud of her.  But it’s been well over a year now and I am ready for a new face to represent the diva fame.  This lovely lady was just killing it on Pinterest, so I had to paint her.  She’s also rocking that new trend that I’ve been reading about, where you drape your jacket over your shoulders as opposed to just putting it on.  The days of draping in Calgary are short lived I am told – the weather is supposed to take that first real turn for the ugly bright and early tomorrow.  But it’s Friday!

    What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?  We’re hosting the capoeira crew over to watch the UFC fights.  It’s like watching hockey for us I think.  And I’ve actually absorbed enough of it now to a) know the names of half the fighters, and b) recognize technique when I see it.  Woot.


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