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    For those of you who are in recovery from turkey coma, I am just ramping up to put mine in today.  My in-laws came to Calgary for the weekend and we have had a wonderful time so far.  Saturday we roamed up and down 17th Avenue and went for a late lunch at National, and Sunday we hit the zoo.  On the top and sides of that I was running around, picking up my first set of printed cards (YAY!), assembling that same set bunch into packages, hunting down recipes for my turkey and stuffing and running around Sunday evening to borrow half of my mother’s cooking supply as I still do not own such things as a roaster, a baster or a strainer.  It’s been a fun one.  Then last night I plunked down into my chair in the study studio at…about 8:45PM, ready to render the cutest little scene of me in killer heels preparing a turkey dinner…and this is the result.

    But you know what?  It’s Thanksgiving.  And I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my in-laws this weekend, and the fact that I feel I am making strides in forgiving myself for not conquering the world at the end of each day.  I am thankful for the chance I’ll have today to cook my first masterpiece…and grateful that we live so close to Westhills if I should somehow manage to ruin this entire she-bang.  Hope Montana’s stays open tonight!

    I hope all of you have had a wonderful long weekend and that it was as relaxing or as exciting as you chose to make it.

    This week I will be doing everything possible to finish my last four calendar months so that I can send that thing to print!  Happy thanksgiving one and all.

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