So my resolution to mix up days for posting starts now!

I’m pretty pleased with how this little doll turned out!  I think she has a sweet face.  Still battling my desire to layer everything with black pen once I finish it, but for now I’ve left this one alone.  I’m at home enjoying the long weekend and the freedom it’s given me to spend some extra time in the study to paint.

Plans for Canada Day?  Anyone?  We’re headed down to Princes Island Park to take in the festivities there.  I hear they are gathering enough Calgarian’s to deck out in red and white shirts to create an aerial shot of the Canadian flag, how cool is that?  I’m hoping for good weather…although if it rains, I have the perfect pair of bright red Hunter boots to bring to the occasion.

Wear that red and white proudly!  And be sure to do something Canadian today to celebrate our heritage!  Even if it just means you eat bacon and maple syrup.  Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

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