This is my friend Hannah!  She celebrated her birthday on Friday but I’m really behind so I didn’t post her on time.

Hannah is one of the loveliest people I have ever encountered.  We’ve had a long standing friendship now that is almost a decade old, and we’ve seen each other through several of life’s ups and downs.  Funny side story of getting to know each other – we met while both working together in a group home for kids with autism.  Hannah actually grew up in Scotland but her accent is so faint you’d never know it.  The only real trace of it you hear is that she pronounces her syllables in each word very distinctly.  The first time I ever really heard her talk she was helping one of the kids in the group home with something, just asking him to sit down.  The way she said it so distinctly I misunderstood and thought she was enunciating everything to help the client understand.  Pretty sure I leaned over and said ‘you don’t have to talk to them like that.’  Someone slightly wiser than me eventually asked where her accent was from.  Oops.  In spite of myself, we became really good friends after that.

Happy belated birthday, my wonderful Hannah!  I have a feeling this one’s going to be your year.

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