This was an image I saved…forever ago from Instagram. I don’t know how I end up following half the people that I do, and periodically I’ll go in there and purge.  But this photo I liked.  I think what I like about fashion illustration when done right is the element of play that it has.  That’s what drew me to this.  Girlfriends at play.  Also evocative of warmer summer months when bare legs were the norm and jackets not so necessary.

I sketched this out on the plane on my way to New York.  I had two ladies sitting beside me who asked to look through my sketchbook, which I shyly offered over.  I still struggle with that feeling of vulnerability when someone looks at my work while I’m there.  It’s so easy to reach for that excuse that it’s not quite right, or I’m just working on it…nothing important.  But this is how you get better, isn’t it?  Bare your work to the world, brush off the criticism when it isn’t welcome, embrace it when it’s constructive…and hope that one day you’re happy with what spills out onto paper.  I was told by one of the Interior Design instructors at Mt. Royal here that I have a gift, I just need to learn to harness more control.  Somehow I like that over being told I needed to loosen up and let go.

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