Remember how last week I mentioned I had painted a cute outfit post to accompany my interview experience at my full time job?  I don’t know how much this actually looks like me…friends feel free to weigh in on it.  But the hair and eyes are accurate, and in the interest of acting more like a real fashion blogger, here we are with an outfit post!  What I wore.  If you will.  This is what I wore for my interview a few weeks ago.  That night was when the shingles broke out in full force.  I still see the two as unrelated, but I’m a little stubborn at times.

Cute though, right?  Sexy and in control and still professional looking?  That was the vibe I was going for that day anyways – there were two other women in my interview.   It’s so true that girls dress for other girls.  Anyways.  I find out about the interview today.  Sort of an intimate thing to reveal on a blog!  Guess what world, I’m going after a senior position in my full time career…I’ll let you know Wednesday if it panned out.  If not – nothing changes!  My work life is still great regardless, honestly.  And the sense of balance I get from it, as in having time to paint and do this while still practicing capoeira and battling shingles might I add…priceless.  Hmm.

Happy Monday world.  And maybe wish me luck?

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