Oh hi.

It’s Friday.  The sun is out and I just got home from work.  There may be a severe thunderstorm warning for the late afternoon but for right now, the sun is strong, I am barefoot, and I have a three day weekend ahead of me.  Life is good.

I thought it was past time to show you what I was commissioned for and busy with all of April!  I’ve done a few guest posts now for getdown.ca , the Downtown Calgary Association’s official blog.  They liked my stuff enough to ask me to create renders of all the winners of this years Vitality Awards!  Here’s a few of my favourites, and I’ll save a few more for next week.

Plans for the weekend?  Mine include capoeira, catching up with some girlfriends, and getting back to my paintings!

The Cloud was an artistic project placed up in Olympic Plaza composed entirely of lightbulbs – the photos shared with me by the artist were amazing, and I initially wanted to try to recreate it using black paper and light pencils to pick up the effect of the lights, but this was more in theme with the rest of the pieces I was working on.


The Sled Island Bike Rack initiative was really well received in the downtown core, and their signature red bike racks are still up in various locations around the city.  My objective was just to pile bikes into the frame to show how well used everything was.  Super fun – but makes me feel like I need to spend more time on creating the wheel in space.

That’s it for now, sorry for the late entry, and have a wonderful weekend!

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