Isn’t it?  Yesterday was just the teensiest bit chilly, and we had that random thunder storm in the middle of the afternoon.  It was so cozy to come up to the study to work on some new stuff, and the way the light looked in there…it’s my favourite time of year.

Not to mention the fall wardrobe!  I have a mental list going on of the clothing I want to collect for the season, including some new brown boots and coloured skinny corduroys.  Side note – I am still rocking crutches and a swollen knee, incidentally NOT skinny jean friendly.  It looks like I have one sausage leg, and the other is quite a bit skinnier because not working out is taking it’s toll on my muscle tone.  It’s sad really.

One other upside to this not being able to walk thing is that with all the time I’ve had to spend on the internet, I found some new hairstyles to try out, courtesy of  Wendy’s Lookbook youtube series.  I can proudly say that I have mastered the sock bun, all because of her.  I should illustrate a thank you note…

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