How cheerful are these?  Seriously!

Good weekend?  Mine was nice.  It was productive on every front aside from health and fitness which I intend to get back to this week with a vengeance.  So I was able to move into my new office on Friday as the girl I am taking over for left on maternity leave.  I have completely lucked out and inherited a bright and sunny space for the year.  After claiming a fresh set of office supplies and arranging things just to my liking, I immediately started brainstorming on what I’d need to make the space mine.  Plants were the first to come to mind.  I found the brightest little pots at Michaels on sale and rounded up an assortment of little cacti to fill them with.  They were so cheerful sitting in my home study that I had to illustrate them to share with you!  I am also taking in one of my calendars and a black and white photo of Frank and I on our honeymoon.  Because of some staff movement in the last week, I am now the only girl on a team with 8 other men.  Really.  I was fighting off the urge to bake for them all weekend.

Other than that, my other big purchase this weekend was…wait for it…a toilet!  Serious!  We are embarking on a renovation of our main bathroom next week and I am SO excited to get started.  I’ve had a bathtub sitting in my study for two weeks now.  I can’t wait to sit in it.  I’ll probably post before and after photos once it’s done so stay tuned.

Have a fabulous start to your week, I will be setting these little puppies up on my new windowsill at 7:30AM this morning.  Glad my back is to the door while I’m in there, I haven’t been able to wipe this ridiculous grin off of my face now for days.

PS what do you think of my new header?  I’m trying to pay my respects to my hometown 🙂

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