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    I think with the torrential downpour and all the flooding we’ve been enduring in Calgary, so long as I do not get evacuated from home this weekend I’ll be able to get the scanner back up and running and start producing some new work. I guess it’s all new to you guys, huh? I actually filled my watercolour containers up last week sometime and still have not pulled out a paintbrush, just kept to the prisma markers. I think the cats might be drinking out of the dishes though…

    Exciting news for me. Remember this post? Apparently Brandi Buckley of Run Style Run found me in a random google search earlier this week. And she loved it! She’s shared it on Instagram to over a hundred likes, and said she’s planning to create a blog post and facebook post out of it. I love social media! And I need to grow a backbone! Terrible. I actually remember finding her blog online and as I was sketching her out thought I would contact her to let her know I’d drawn her. And then my confidence faltered. Once the sketch was done I panicked, didn’t think it looked enough like her and decided to just post it anonymously. I have to get over that. So – wonders of social media – this could be a break for me and this little project of mine!

    One more photo to round out the week, really and truly I’ll get myself sorted out this weekend and reconnect my scanner. I’ve been getting a real itch to start on my calendar girls for 2014 – but I want to put them against some wicked backdrops this next year too.

    Have a wonderful weekend. For my readers in Calgary I hope you are still in your homes and safe – it’s heartbreaking watching the news right now and seeing all the people displaced. But our sense of kinship really shines in times like these, huh?



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