Yeoch!  This is Adriana Lima, the Victoria’s Secret model in a spread from Vogue: Brazil.  Starting to feel a little more exotic I think!  I’m getting a bit braver exaggerating proportions and playing with stances on the models.  Next week I’ll probably try a few crouching positions to see how dramatic I can make those.

I hope the week was wonderful for everyone!  I’m glad it’s Friday and I now have two days at home to work on sketching again.  Now that my new position is official I’ve also been able to adjust my hours at the office to start and end earlier.  It makes a huge difference at the end of the day, but getting up just a bit earlier has taken a bit of a toll on me!  Looking forward to sleeping in til the luxurious hour of…seven AM this weekend.  Yes, in all seriousness, I love getting up early.  I have some of the most productive time to myself in the study while the rest of the house sleeps, just me, my coffee and my girls.

Have a lovely weekend!

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