Hello and a Happy Wednesday to you all!

This image caught my eye on Pinterest and I just had to paint her.  What is it about girls in hats?  It’s so cocky and confident all at the same time.  I had some luck with the fedora last summer, is that still going to carry over to this year?  Someone told me I looked like Carrie off of Sex and the City while I was wearing mine.  Having finally just seen the two movies (and still never having seen any of the shows) I happen to think she has fabulous legs and quirky but fantastic hairstyles, so I chose to take it as a compliment.

My wonderful mother saw this painting and asked me why she didn’t have any feet.  I can assure you the image didn’t either, it’s probably just that my mom has forgotten that her generation also wore trousers that would sometimes cover the entire shoe.  She also said next that the girl reminded her of Pippa Middleton.  Thoughts?

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