I am really digging the new line of pumps and flats Tory Burch is promoting for fall. Does that ever get on anyone else’s nerves that you just get into one season and the fashion world is already into the next? The temperatures have finally hit the high twenties, I’m actually going sleeveless to work and not freezing or resorting to pull on a sweater mid-day, and we’re surrounded with images of fall fashion. Zero justice.

And as much fun as it’s been to dig out what I can for ‘Western flair’ this past week, I look forward to stepping back into my ready to wear work wardrobe. A pair of these pumps – I don’t know if the red ones actually exist, I was using artistic licence, okay? – would go down nicely with my work-wear.

What’s on for the weekend world? I’m locking everyone out and staying in this weekend. We’ve been so busy running around and next weekend I am going to be invaded by muscle bound Brazilian men (for real!) so this weekend is mine. Photos of said men sure to follow in a little over one week.



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