Hey!  I would say sweater season is officially upon us.  I read one blog that mused upon the difference between girls who wear sweaters vs. those that do the button down.  I have utmost respect for the button down shirt, but I was cursed blessed with super long monkey arms limbs that never quite match up with the length of dress sleeves.  Perhaps one day when I can afford to taylor my own clothing I will have my own dress shirts made that adorn me perfectly.  I’ll add it to the goals list.  Shirts that fit.  Check and stretch out the sleeves check.

But due to this (im)perfection of mine, I am by and large a sweater loving girl.  I have a thing for the cowl neck too, it’s classy but cozy in my estimation.  I keep seeing pinterest images of girls in cowls with buttons on the cowl, and as such I am currently on the hunt for one.

I thought this little character pulled it off quite well.  And she’s cinched it into a high waisted skirt, so she looks classy and adorable and is the secret envy of all the other girls in the office.  I’m picturing her staring out the window dreaming of warmer days. hah.

My weekend was wonderful and incredibly jam-packed, but that is nothing new.

How was yours?

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