Isn’t she cute?  She makes me imagine a time in the not so distant future where it will once again be mild enough to layer on a bulky sweater and long scarf as opposed to my heavy winter jacket to go out the town or to run errands.  Is anyone else having the problem of over or under dressing?  With the weather fluctuating, I’ve been  leaving in the morning in my puffy winter coat only to come home with sunglasses and a light glow because I’m too toasty.  What am I complaining about?  We’re so lucky really.

I’ve had so much to be grateful for this week that I don’t even know where to begin.  I can’t believe how much my work life has turned around these last few weeks.  Work used to be this tiny compartment of life for me, I would go, do my job and leave it all at the office.  Now I’m so excited to be there on a new team, in an amazing new space and challenging my knowledge every day.

Then there’s my Frank.  He actually snuck down to my office Wednesday after I’d left for the evening and managed to queue up with one of my coworkers to leave a bouquet of flowers and a single red rose on my desk to find Thursday morning.  So unbeleivably sweet.  We have a very loving relationship, but we’ve never really gone too over the top for Valentine’s day.  This year was no exception – he had a capoeira class to teach and I went to my usual hot yoga.  But he managed to sneak those flowers in.  My cheeks are actually tired from smiling so much.

In any event.  I hope the long weekend treats you all wonderfully.  My parents are off to Mexico for a few weeks so we’re inheriting their golden retriever for the haul.  And our bathroom reno starts Monday!  Expect a slew of photos once it is complete.

Have an amazing Friday!

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