Colouring!  hah.  We had a wonderful stretch away from home.  Logging off the computer and stepping away from my desk was exactly what I needed to get back into creative mode, may I say.  One of my favorite Christmas presents was this book from my mom.  I devoured it over the course of three days beside the fire at Frank’s parents home in Rossland, BC.  Reading up on Masters in Fashion Illustration was exactly what I needed to light the fire under me again.  One artist I even loved so much that I ordered his book from 1942 (!) on rendering the female form.  It should be arriving some time in the next week.

I left my watercolours here in Calgary but pulled out my old Prisma markers and pencil crayons to take with me on the road.  Results below!  It was really fun to loosen up, and I found I move a lot faster with marker than with paint.  Something about the medium takes you back to colouring as a child, and I had a grand time capturing the first thing that grabbed me on paper.

I also tried drawing freehand, removing myself from the restriction of the module I usually use.  I have a bit of tweaking to do still with my work but I though the overall result wasn’t bad.  What do you think?

I am now on a hunt for a tweed blazer such as this one.  It’s such a simple outfit otherwise, but it’s dressed up so nicely with that jacket!

I’m sure this is Taylor Swift, although the image wasn’t tagged at all.  I love her style when she dresses down – I think the throwback to saddle shoes is quite fun!  Personally I like to go a little edgier than that but the classic shoe in this instance I think makes the outfit.

That’s it for now!  I’ve got a list of things I want to do to this blog over the next little while, so keep your eyes open for a few changes!  Happy weekend!

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