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    It’s nice to get to mix both my passions every now and again.  My husband Frank and I train in separate capoeira groups.  Recently his instructor, Professor Frankenstein tore his Achilles tendon in a demo and had to go for emergency surgery.  My Frank asked me to create a card for him for all the students to sign, to wish him a fast recovery.  It actually sparked me to want to try a version of this using females and a little more detail – and on top of that, now I want to create a bigger one with my usual detail of Frank and I playing.

    Frank and I have actually chosen to have a roommate the entire time we’ve lived together.  It just helped out with our mortgage, and to be honest, because of how busy we are, three was never a crowd.  But earlier this summer we finally became roommate free for the first time.  Aside from my excitement at now being able to walk around the house in my underwear if I so choose, I was most excited to get downstairs and into our basement to really make it ours.  It’s finished, with one bedroom, but that floor has always belonged to whoever was staying with us.  Not any longer.  We now have a proper guest bedroom, and as of this weekend, we’ve finished our home gym as well!

    I was thrilled to arrive at the joint conclusion that since we’re grown ups and can do whatever we want (*insert small child’s voice here), why not have a gym/studio in our basement?  So we did!  We’ve laid down foam mats, hung mirrors from assorted gatherings, obtained a weight rack, and as of last week, my elliptical machine arrived – yet another birthday present to myself (I’m so good to me, aren’t I?) – the only thing missing is a proper brag wall.  We’re planning to hang our old cords up and get some photos framed from various capoeira events.  But I think in addition to that I’m going to paint a big capoeira piece of us.  My hands are sweating just thinking about it, hah.  I’ll be sure to post it if it ever gets done.

    I hope the weekend went well for everyone!  I’m itching to paint the walls something colourful downstairs now…

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