What do you guys think of her as one of my first contenders for PaperGirl?  She’s more or less the epitome of what I’ve been using for inspiration since the idea for this blog first lodged itself in my head several months ago.  When I was first shown Pinterest it was like a light went on, there was the access to reference material that I had been waiting for!  Little did I know, there are fashion bloggers absolutely everywhere, and it’s all these bloggers that I am slowly coming to know and love and absolutely rely on for my daily dose of inspiration!  The other thing I loved about this girl was her ability to rock the skinny jeans.  Those who know me understand that I am actually a denim diva, and my closet is packed to the teeth with lovingly purchased pairs of designer jeans.  There are hardly words.

Back to business at hand though.  I’m seriously considering her for a contender for the PaperGirl show.  I want to do a set of three and I’ve been tossing around the idea of a common theme for them for the last few days.  Why a trio of denim queens never occurred to me I really don’t know.  Yeowza.

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