Well hello one and all!

I made a number of observations while I was painting this post.  The actual original image was all in black and white, but I decided first to change out her jeans because…well coral is so hot right now.  I was then going to just continue on painting off the image I had, but I am getting tired of painting with black!  First of all, it always goes on as grey, so you have to frantically darken the area before the paint dries.  Second, it’s just not that fun to paint with!

In real life I am the queen of neutral colors.  This has given me enough of a headache in the past when it came to coordinating coats, purses and shoes.  I was going with this grey trend for a year or two, and now I seem to gradually be moving back to brown.  Black and I…we just don’t really get along when it comes to accessorizing.  It makes me sad.

My other random observation was that I seem to have amassed quite the collection of Pinterest images of girls squatting.  Not sure why.  Maybe just to change up the regular standing poses?

I hope you are having a great Stampede week.  We are off to Vancouver today for Frank’s batizado where he’ll be getting his next belt.  Then we go back in September for me to get mine!  I’ll be posting from Van and hopefully spending some time in coffee shops along the beach sketching!

See you Friday!

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