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    20131022-162603.jpgGreetings!  Two posts in two days, even I can barely believe that!  Today is my 30th Birthday – the beginning of a brand new decade for me!  Since my eyes first opened this morning my mind and heart have been racing thinking about the things to come, asking myself what I want out of the next decade, and thinking about areas of my life that need work or directions I want to take myself in.

    I have been trying to figure out what it is that I want out of this blog this last little while.  It started as a creative outlet for myself, and sadly turned quickly into a goal of creating income off of my artwork.  While I don’t want to shut that door completely, I have found that by funneling all of my creative energy into sharing my work with the internet world, it’s had a negative impact on my drive to create new pieces, and a direct impact on the quality of my work as well.

    There are a lot of things I am passionate about in life, and things that I don’t take enough time to fully explore for myself because of pressure to deliver a new blog post, or try to keep up with an internet trend.  If I’m completely honest, I’m not so passionate about the world of fashion so much as the ability to render a female figure.  And that’s not the only thing I want to be able to do!

    Over dinner with my husband last night, he suggested a new balance – to start creating blog posts about some of my other interests.  It doesn’t have to be all fashion illustration all the time.  I am still turning this one over in my head.  I am really drawn to the thought of being able to share multiple facets of my life, thereby removing this guilty feeling of not spending enough time on one venture or another.

    It would also finally justify a reason to create an actual editorial calendar for myself – which would be something to get started on soon.

    For those of you who have been reading faithfully over the last year and a half, my most heartfelt thank you.  But now I have to pose a question of you:  What else do you want to read about?  Off the top of my head I want to share my love for healthy eating and fitness, my improvements in capoeira, some of the endless DIY projects my husband and I get into around the house, and other creative endeavors that I want to take the time to explore – like creating my own typography  – hence the above.

    Please please, comment on this post!  I want to hear from you, what drives you, what you want to know more about.

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