Okay!  Back on regular blogging schedule, as promised!  So.  Not sure if I am still in recovery mode from the weekend or what, but I was at a loss for what to call her!  And another thing.  I was stoked on her up until I had her through the scanner and onto my computer…and now I think her head looks too small for her body.  Wait for it…now you can see it too.  Can’t you?  And I thought her bangs were so cute too.  That’s why I named the post Bangs.  That and I am fresh out of witty quips this evening.  I just got through a marathon weekend (thank goodness my full time job allows me to take extra days off like this!) and powered through today, which culminated in me just getting out of a Portuguese class about half an hour ago.  Yep, tuesday evening, I am writing this.  Do I have at least three more things on my do list before I crawl into bed tonight?  Well.  Yeah.  But it turned out to be an awesome day.  Snow aside – and seriously it feels so much more magical when you are inside watching it and not standing outside waiting for the bus trying to keep your dress pants dry – today was a wonderful day.

Now it is on with the rest of the week!   I’m ready to take a second stab at a triumphant return to capoeira, let’s see if my knee holds out any better this time around.

Happy Wednesday!  I am so glad to be feeling back to normal!

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