Who is that you ask?  Just me – looking sleek and sexy on my way to my Christmas party after work last night.  You heard me – a Christmas party, on a Thursday, in November.  That’s just how I roll.  And yes, that is classic Mat and Nat on my arm.  We’ve been a thing now for like…ever.

I am anticipating a bit of a headache stretching through the day today as I did not request either my second or my fourth drink last night.  I was simply told that I would not win the battle of no and handed my drink of choice…once I admitted what it was.  We were down at the Palomino on 7th, a little hole in the wall from all appearances, but do not let that dissuade you – the food was awesome.  It was also a really good evening to boot.  Being the busy little bee that I prefer to be, my work crew are usually just the ones that I see during business hours, extra Monday’s off aside.  So it was fun to spend a bit of time together last night beyond the trenches, so to speak.  I decided after some sparkly…tipsy banter with a few female coworkers that we may have to give in and become wine buddies in the not so distant future.

Now I just have to keep my head down and survive the next eight hours of work…and then I hear it’s the weekend come to greet me again.  I may just have to take a nap first.

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