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    Let me just start by saying that I am completely exhausted.  I had yesterday off from my full time job, but my part time dream job (read: doing this full time) kept me up from seven AM straight through until about 1AM the last two days.  Edmonton Saturday.  Finish painting the calendar Sunday.  Spent all day Monday getting everything ready for the Edmonton Expo this weekend (have I even mentioned this yet??)  Then today I worked the full day, ran over to Printwise in Marda to proof the calendar and prints (looking awesome) and then I even had Portuguese tonight for three hours, which I am having too much fun with to miss.  So I dragged my fading self through the front door at about 9:30 this evening and thought…I have nothing painted for tomorrow.  Nothing I am willing to use anyways.  Confession: there’s still a decent handful of  painted ladies that I don’t think will ever see the light of this blog sitting in folders on my desktop.

    In any event, I wanted to post something, and it did occur to me even in this exhausted state that I don’t have the calendar deadline hanging over me anymore!  So no more spending three hours painting for something that I’m saving up.  Yay!  SO.  Back to basics.  I mapped out my canon and off I went.  Thank you once again Pinterest for keeping me in images!  I wanted to sketch quickly and not erase anything.  You can see at the bottom of each lady the amount of time it took to draw her.  There are still some things to work on here and there but it’s the confidence with line work that I want to start working on.  This may be a new endeavor for me.  That was just over thirty minutes in drawing time to get these ladies out.  Painting is another story but this was good for me!

    This weekend I will be in Edmonton at the Comic and Entertainment expo in my very own booth!  My first trade show!  And it gets even better – I’ve signed up for a second Calgary show at the Blackfoot Inn on November 10th!  That one will be much more holiday themed, so next week I’ll be jumping onto holiday card designs for sure.  But please – spread the word for me!  Tell your friends, then get them together and come and see me, either in Edmonton or Calgary, and spread the love!

    Til Friday.  Hoping to catch up on sleep, portuguese and yoga before then.  Ahem.

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