Well?  Been up and running a week and I had my first tweet out – thank you @ElliottCarver!  Friday afternoon he tweeted her at me as a potential babe to paint.  Now she’s painted!  And I’m calling her a babe with potential.  Please forgive the quality of the image – I’m still a rookie!  I’m actually pretty pleased with how she turned out, and with the fact that I didn’t take any additional ink to her..but then I had to resort to my home scanner instead of running over to Printwise in Marda Loop — who to date have been attending to all my scanning needs.

Please feel free to tweet at me or find me on Pinterest if someone grabs your eye and you think they’d make a good subject!  I am up for the challenge!  And on that note, any suggestions on scanning/converting to a digital image?  I’ve tried out my iPhone and Sony camera, so far scanning to get the image to digital wins out.  I may eventually resort to purchasing my own for at home.  Suggestions?


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