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    Holy, where is the time going?  It’s August already – and it’s been a year since I painted this girl!  I remember thinking at the time she came out looking a little sad, even though she was supposed to look relaxed and blissful.  Oops.

    I’m off to Regina beach at the end of the workday today and not a moment sooner.  My uncle is a home builder in Regina and his cabin on the water is one of my favourite places to be.  We won’t get in until late tonight, but early tomorrow morning I plan on a solid and sweaty run by myself, followed by the biggest cup of coffee I can get my hands on, and my sketchbook.  I’m going to sit on the deck looking out over the water and sketch out the remaining months I need to do for my 2014 Calendar.  Then we’ll spend the afternoon on the lake in my uncle’s boat!

    My cousin is getting married this weekend in our Grampa’s backyard.  We were really close growing up, used to spend our summers there together. I have a lot of fond memories of my Grandma’s honey bran muffins, and wet hair before bed, then being slightly older and hanging out in the small town she lived in with this group of boys with dirt roads and hot dusty days that seemed to go on forever.  I thought for a little while I’d like to live there.  In hindsight…I’m a city girl, it would have never worked out between us.

    In any event, have a wonderful weekend!  I’ve been working on some exciting projects lately, can’t wait to share them with you all!

    Happy August!

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