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    Isn’t she pretty?  I painted her Monday morning on my day off.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss watercolor while taking that break from it.  So much more rewarding to use than my markers, although they create a fun effect, certainly.

    How is the week treating everyone?  Believe it or not, I did three hours of capoeira Monday night.  Then it took some extra time to power down for bed, resulting in falling asleep after midnight and dragging my feet Tuesday until about noon.  Then I was good.

    Tuesday was also my brother-in-law’s birthday, Dan (PS: he’s a single and handsome engineer if we have any takers), and we went for dinner at Cibo which was lovely.  Afterwards, with an aching stomach I heaved myself home and bid my Frankie adieu as he rushed out the door to his capoeira class for the evening.  I completed my squat routine that I’m determined to see through for the month of April while intermittently trying to stay patient with Photoshop as it fought me trying to get this image ready for the morning.  Still hoping for an early bedtime at the time of this post to be honest.

    I hope the week is treating you well, and that you enjoy the lovely Anna Dello Russo.  Dello – not Della.  I had to check.  This was taken during Milan Fashion Week from what I can find.  I used some artistic licence on her umbrella – thought the red suited a little more over the black she was actually carrying that day.  Never the less, a lovely tribute to what will hopefully be a warm but rainy month, and what I hope is a triumphant and regular return to blogging and painting my classic lovely ladies.


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