guess which of these two was more fun to paint??

The grey one.  Not gonna lie.  This is the first New Years Resolution that I break without fail every single year.  I always say that I will start dressing with more color.  Most of the time I even start to make good on that and go buy colorful things.  But straight up (dup) – I am a neutral queen.  I just do it that way.  Denim too – I always think I need a good pair of light denim, and then I just can’t feel dressed up enough in it.  I like it dark.

What about you?  Resolutions that you always break?  I’ll be coming clean on a few more this week, stay posted!  I am starting to make a little headway on my editorial calendar for the year.  I wanted a common theme for each month in addition to a set of common monthly features.  January, bless her cold cold heart, shall be the month of resolutions.

side note:  I was happily painting these two last night when my husband wandered into my study.  He looked over my shoulder for a minute and then said “You know you could have duplicated that and changed the tones in photoshop, right?”  Sure I did.  I just don’t know how.  And I always wanted to paint a set of twins. 

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